Lash Lifting

Elleebana lash lift before and after
Lash Lift   $75
Lashes are curled as tight or loose as possible depending on the length of the lashes. This lasts 6-8+ weeks depending on how quickly your lashes grow.
Lash Lift with Lash Tint   $100
This includes a lash lift PLUS lash tinting.
The ULTIMATE Treatment!   $140
This really is the ultimate treatment! I recommend making this your 6 week fix. It consists of a lash lift, lash tinting, brow tinting and a brow wax. 

*100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Due to the fact that everyone has a different lash thickness, length, growth pattern etc., you may need to have the service redone during a separate appointment. This is not common but it can happen. We would rather have to redo the service than damage your lashes by leaving the solution on for too long. We pride ourselves in doing it safely and because of that, we can get you the perfect lift!