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leg waxing

Why Wax?

There are MANY reasons why people choose waxing...

  • Ingrowns - You get them or you don't. Some people really suffer with them. We can help! Waxing lessens the amount of hair growth, therefore, lessening the amount of ingrowns! (We also do extracting of them if you'd like!)

  • Dense hair - The more you wax, the less dense your hair is. It will grow back finer and there will be less of it! Who knew!? 

  • Body positivity - Believe it or not...not everyone loves body hair. And that's OK! But we encourage you to remove it for your own self-love.

  • Free Therapy - Trust us...we may not look like it but we are great listeners with great advice. And we don't charge you for it!

Our Small Business Supports

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